Buy, Improve, Grow, and Sell (BIGS) Program

To assist the owner or prospective owner in performing a period review of working "on" (verses "in") the business, Keystone offers its "Buy, Improve, Grow, and Sell (BIGS) Program". This is a quarterly review and analysis program conducted with the owner and their management team to measure and track the business' progress in accomplishing its intended strategic goals and optimizing the return on the investment.

The BIGS Program and Succession Planning enables the owner to determine when and for how much to sell the business. This process follows Peter G. Cushman's concepts outlined in his book, The Master Plan: Exit Strategy for Successful Business Owners.

In his book Peter Cushman concludes:

The completion of the Master Plan functions as an insurance policy by eliminating various business risks… It ensures the basic goals and objects of exit planning, those being: 

  1. Maximizing the value of the business,
  2. Getting planned personally from an estate, tax, and financial point of view so that when transition, transfer events take place owners are able to keep a much larger percentage of what they receive, and
  3. The deliverance of a life plan that will provide balance and fulfillment for the business owner today and in the future.