Whether you plan on moving on from your business tomorrow or in twenty years it is important to prepare. Exit planning ensures that when the time comes the business is prepared to carry on without you. Preparing yourself is as important as preparing the company. You need to be equipped to take on whatever may lay ahead after you leave your company.

In Scott Snider's book Walking to Destiny, he outlines the essential ideas when it comes time to sell your business.

Your relationship to your business has a life cycle. By starting, buying, or owning your business, you have set yourself on a path. The path is leading you and your business toward your eventual exit. It is a fact. There will come a time when your most valuable asset will change hands. You will cease to be the owner. Whether that transition is successful is up to you.

I want you to unlock the wealth trapped in your business prior to your imminent exit and create the future and legacy you deserve. It is your destiny to grow the value of your most significant asset, harvest those riches, and enter the best act of your life.

The BIGS (Buy, Improve, Grow, and Sell/Succession) program can you help achieve the key goals any business owner should have in regard to their long-term success. These goals are provided in The $10 Trillion Opportunity by Richard E. Jackim.

  1. Commit to developing and implementing a good exit plan
  2. Create a comprehensive exit plan custom-tailored to meet each business owner's individual needs
  3. Successfully execute the plan